Monday, 20 June 2011

Menu Plan Monday (Edited on June 22)

New week!  New Blog!  First post!

I am very excited to join Menu Plan Monday.  This is just a rough plan for this week because I need to make a trip to the grocery store.

Breakfast - biscuits (from a master mix), turkey bacon & apples.
Lunch - Kraft dinner, cucumber & carrot sticks.
Supper - My husband will be making supper when he gets home...I'll be leaving for work then. (He cooked a roast)

Tuesday  (going grocery shopping today)
Breakfast - grilled cheese sandwiches
Lunch - Something in town or we will pack something to go
Supper - Hmmm...I'll decide what to make when I see what is on special at the grocery store.

Breakfast - Toast, yogurt & fruit
Lunch - Sandwiches
Supper - Roast chicken, potatoes(?) & veggies  ( I find that the potatoes at this time of year are turning dark once they are cooked.)

Breakfast - Biscuits (from a master mix), turkey bacon & fruit
Lunch -  Homemade bagel bites (OAMC) served with fruit and/or veggies (Forgot to buy bagels)
Supper - Hot chicken sandwiches form yesterdays leftovers, fries & peas

Breakfast - cereal & toast
Lunch - Fish sticks with veggies & dip ( I got this idea from another Menu plan Monday participant!)
Supper - Stove top casserole (with leftover chicken from Wednesday) with ??? (still not sure)

Again, this is just a rough outline.  It all will depend on what's on sale and what is happening each day.  I work 4 night this week so supper might get left to my husband to make...we'll see.  Thankfully, he doesn't mind making supper for him & our son.

Interested in seeing what other folks are planning to eat this week?  Stop by this week's Menu Plan Post to check it out!!

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