Saturday, 25 June 2011


Finding coupons!  Using coupons!  I love coupons!

I had asked my mom to ask her friends to save me their coupon flyers if they weren't using them.  One of here friends gave me 2 flyers.  Lots of great coupons in them.  I've already clipped them and have started to sort them and file them in my binder.

When we got groceries tonight we found a coupon for gum.  Save $1.00 when you buy 2 multi-packs of gum.  A single package of gum is a ridiculous $1.29!!  The multi-packs (4) were already on sale 2/$5.00 and with the coupon we only paid $4.00 or .50 cents a pack (1).  Much cheaper and it is something that we usually buy as a last minute purchase while waiting in line.  I think I'll pick up some more before the sale ends and use some for my son's birthday party treat bags.

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