Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Deals! Deals! & More Deals!!

I'm on vacation but that didn't stop me from couponing!!

Today I bought 8 bottles (250ml) Old Spice & Gillette shower gel @ $2.00 each and I had $10.00 in coupons so I only paid $4.00 for 7 bottles...less than a .60 cents per bottle!!

I bought a couple of products that I hadn't tried before.  Since I had a coupon and the final price was reasonable I decided to give it a try.  One was Tide to Go pen ...$3.97- $1.00 coupon & the other was Resolve stain Remover...I think it was $4 or $5 with a $1.00 coupon making it $3 or $4

I have searched high & low to find Iams trial size dog food and finally, while vacationing in another province, I found it!!!!!!  $1.99 a bag and I had 3x $2.00 off any size bag so I got 3 bags of it for FREE!!!  Sadly, our dog passed away on May1 of this year but I will either donate it to the animal shelter, food bank or to family or friend who have a dog.

Hmmmm....what else did I use a coupon on...Ladies shave gel $1.50 used a $1.00 off coupon making it .50 cents, can of cat food .98 cents used a .50 cents off coupon making it .48 cents.  I also bought a small pack of Pampers baby wipes $2.47 minus a $1.00 coupon and I bought a larger tub of Huggies baby wipes $3.47 minus a $1.00 coupon.  These are great for us as we are on vacation and it's nice to have something to wash our hands with while travelling.

The deals aren't over yet folks!

I stumbled upon a Dollar store that was going out of business and I got a package of Crayola markers, 2 packages of Student Reward pockets & 2 packages of party favors for my son's upcoming birthday party...all 30 % off . I only paid a bit over $5.00

And the deal of the day is....drum roll please!!!

Carlton cards was selling their overstocked cards 5/$1.00.  Mother's day, Father's day, Graduation, Easter, Valentine's day & Christmas.  I stocked up!!  I bought 20 cards that totaled over $107.00 after tax but I paid only $4.60 after tax!  That's about a 96% savings!  Now that's HUGE!

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