Tuesday, 26 July 2011

What Next??

Well, now, what's next?

I have 17 weeks & 4 days in with no Pepsi!!!  Yay!  I think I would like to try to go popless and avoid pop altogether.  I'm on vacation right now so it's not going too well.  My goal after vacation is to try to see if I can skip all pop.  The one thing that I think will be difficult is that fact that certain foods just seem to taste better with pop.  There is nothing else holding me back from quitting.  There is no nutritional value in pop. None!  So why put chemicals in my body that are not necessary?  Habit...plain old habit!  If I can conquer the Pepsi habit then anything seems possible. 

I honestly feel like I can accomplish anything right now.  I feel like I have climbed a mountain and now that I can see the view I want more.  More to this life!

I've been inspired by two people on my Facebook.  Neither of them know the other.  Both have set lifestyle goals and reached them.

The first is a homeschooling mom of 6 who has been heavy ever since I can remember.  Last year she saw pictures of herself at a family gathering and decided she wanted to get healthy & lose some weight before she turned 50.  She did it!!

The other is a 30 year old firefighter who decided he wanted to get back into body building after being out of it for a number of years.  He worked hard and worked out on days when he probably felt like doing something else.  Actually, I know he would have rather skipped it.  His Facebook status told us all...but he did it anyway!  He recently competed in 2 competitions and placed 2nd & 3rd!! 

So, as I approach my 40th birthday with extra weight, I want to regain my health.  What all this will include will be a discovery all its own...and I am looking forward to the journey.

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